Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle

The Museum is an open-air museum. It was open for visitors in 1985. 151 hectares of the museum territory are located in the picturesque suburban place, 4 km away from Minsk. The museum collection counts more than 22,000 items (2012). Nowadays, the museum exposition is represented by sectors: "Central Belarus", "The Lakeland" and "The Dnieper Region" (presented in parts). The principle of the exposition is based on the specific historical and ethnographical region of Belarus with the types of settlement (a rural settlement, a village, a homestead) of the end of the 19th – beg. of the 20th century. The museum exposition demonstrates the landmarks of folk architecture which provides the reconstruction of the interior and presents the museum collections and organizes exhibitions. Each sector presents the regional peculiarities of the folk architecture, rural life, handicrafts and landscapes. The museum organizes exhibitions from its own collections in the museums of Belarus and other countries, conducts research and practical conferences and seminars, participates in international conferences and forums.

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